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TD Stuff!
3Dfx Morphing Utilities ( Requires 3dfx ) ...If you don't got the file mfc40.dll, get it here
Mobile Rage beta 1.2 ..Read more here
WIN95-bootpics...the Amiga-"hand", C64boot, Heaven or Windows (63kb)
Shotdown.bin...animation converted to fli (34kb) ...OR test the GIF-version!
the demomusic of konsum (part II)
Cyber Yatzy (Christmas release 97)
Demos = Art ... Article about PCDemos (.TXT) There is also a HTML-Version

TECHNICA...the TD Website MIDI-soundtrack! (27kb)
FRAMED...the "Framed" MIDI-soundtrack! (33kb)
ILM...the ILM MIDI-soundtrack! (16kb)

C64 games (.D64 and .T64 format - works fine with C64s)
Spy Hunter
green beret
operation wolf
Commando libya
Gianna Sisters
The Law of the West
Leaderboard Golf
Montezumas Revenge

TD's Amiga demos&stuff
Meac&Mr.L demo -Wonderful Nostalgia Demo
Plasma show (demo)---(Meac&Mr.L demo nr.2) not as crazy as the first...
Airwing demo---Vector.. Vector.. Vector...

TD's C64 demos&stuff

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