There has been a lot of roumors saying that
AmigaDemos is(or was??) better than PCDemos, thats sad.
But I have to agree...(and that fact makes me feel *REAL* bad)
Where is all the Ideas, that special demographics,
the *GOOD* music and all jokes(and I mean the GOOD-ones) ??

The difference between Amiga and PCDemos is the Atmospere...
There ARE a *LOT* of really good demos in the PC-scene today,
but many of them would be much better with a touch of atmospere...
Its extremely cool to see how groups as Complex(Dope) show off
their coding-skills (Im *REALLY* impressed, and of course envious)
- The first time...
What I mean is:
Is this the purpose of demos: See them ones, then throwem away!?
Well, I dont think so. A demo should be like a Movie, something to
watch whenever you feel like it. A time of cosyness, admiration and
pleasure, waiting there for you. Something to show to your friends.
Think a bit longer:
-If a demo is just worth seeing ones, how good is it?

A bit of History.
The first PC-demos were real ugly compared to Amiga-demos, But the PC got better and faster, and so did the PCdemos.. Crystal Dream II(Triton) and Second Reality(Future Crew) were just as good as the amiga-demos, maybe even better. But what happened next... -Nothing! We waited and waited, nothing happened... Today, in the year of 1997, STILL nothing has happened... Second Reality is still the number one. The computers are at least twice as good as when Second Reality was realeased(93). There must be millions of things one can do in a demo today that was totally impossible in 1993...
Dont tell me those non-recurrent-demos are here to stay ??
Cos if they are, the PCdemo-scene will be nothing
but I bunch of guys with extreme programming knowledge
and no place for atmospere and feeling.
"PCdemos", will Just be a lot of exes that all look the same...

YES, I am exaggerating,
but Im doing it because I hate to see this happen to the
PCdemo-scene, so Im begging you all:
OPEN YOUR EYES and remember:
-Coding is NOT a form of art, demos are.

Machines of Madness(Dubius) WON the Assembly '96(SEE IT!), This demo is a real asskicker, *ALMOST* better than Second Reality! (at least the first time...) Sadly, this demo is not only good, it is also a one of those non-recurrent-demos Im talking about, the 3D-routines are *REALLY* impressive, but thats just about all. The music IS good but very dull, it never changes. And the graphics, one lonely pic... It seems like this guys have missed something here...
But, do I see a break in the pattern?? Lately some groups have showed that they are tired of this -"Demos = doing - the - fastest - 3d - routines"-crap, examples as Toasted(Cubic Team & $eeN) really show some new ideas (see it!), They show that there is no need to code EXTREME-3deffects to make good demos, Of course, theese guys are really really good, but they arent wasting it all on programming... Another good example is "Stars -Wonders of the world"(Nooon), They COMBINE extreme-3d-coding tricks with good unusual music and new demoeffects -See this one as well!
Maybe Im exaggerating too much,
Maybe I shouldnt interfer the evulotion.
Maybe I have missed all the good demos lately... (?!)
Maybe, some of you demofreaks out there actually agree...

To the whole PC-scene:

(And Please, excuse my english)

/ Martin Eklund of Technological Dimensions

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