-- load, Turbo 250, Press play on tape --
Those are words that some of us will never forget.
The C64-era is maybe gone since many years ago,
but the power of C64 lives inside us, in our hearts,
and our souls. It will always be a part of us,
and the memories from the past, will never die.

/Martin Eklund

This side was written to honor one of the greatest machines ever made:
- The Commodore 64.

- Rest in peace -

Download TDīs C64 Favourites

If you are looking for more C64 games,
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C64s - The C64 emulator.

C64s - Commodore 64 Software Emulator,
one of the best PC programs lately.
Retrace the great C64-time again!
Play the goodies, or just watch the
Wonderful Blue screen.
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They said it wasnīt possible.
They were wrong.

The Amiga Emulator Exists!

YEAH! itīs true, there IS an AmigaEmulator, UAE (unusable amiga emulator?!)
GET UAE!..OR Read more at this page!

My experiences of this emulator isnīt very good...
This version (0.6) was EXTREMELY slow when I tested it (P75, Dos, Qemm)
Hmm... Did I do something wrong?

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