What is a demo?

A demo is the finest of all computer arts.
Itīs a combination of code(programming),
music and graphics. Usually, a demo
contains a lot of Real-Time calculated
effects, such as 3D vectors, plasma and
texture-mapping (go here for explaination)

This is *NOT* a competition. All demos are tested and reviewed by Martin Eklund and Jonas Kylander of Technological Dimensions. The PCDemos are tested on a Pentium 75 with a Cirrus logic videocard and a sound-blaster-compatible...AND a 166 MMX with a Matrox Mystique videocard and a Sound Blaster 16. The AmigaDemos are tested with an Amiga 500 (original, 1Mb RAM)

If you are involved in the PCdemo-scene,
Please read this article:

To the whole PCDemo-scene: Demos = Art

= Sucks!
= Not good.
= Ok.
= Good
= The Ultimate Demo
= Nostalgic, theese demos reminds us about the good-old days :-)
= Download from remote server

PC Demos

Future Crew Download 4.5
Triton Download 4
Machines of Madness
Dubius Download 4.5
Cubic team & $eeN 4
Future Crew Download 2.5
Complex Download 3.5
Impact Studios Download 3.5
Future Crew Download
Nooon Download 4
Valhalla - 3.5

Second Reality - Future crew

This is almost as close to the ultimate demo experience you can get
today. It won the Assembly ī93 and although it's old and don't have
these extreme 3D effects you see in demos today. It's wonderful music,
REAL demo-effects and good old demographics create more atmosphere
than any other demo I know of.

Crystal Dream II - Triton

This demo, kind of got into the shadow of Second Reality (Future Crew)
The Swedish demogroup Triton have succeded in doing a really nice demo,
the fractalzoom is the best ever seen. The music is the typical for old demos,
and that gives great atmospere.

Machines of Madness - Dubius

If you're in to 3D demos you will love this one and if you're not,
you will be after this. As the winner of Assembly ī96 it combines
good music with great 3D effects, making it one of the best and
most impressive demos of today.

Toasted - Cubic Team & $eeN

This is one of my(Jonas Kylander) personal favourites. In a mix of great 3D,
funny movie clips and really nice (and a bit different) music,
they create a hell of a demo. By the way, check out the rollercoster...

Unreal - Future Crew

This is one of the less great nostalgia demos...
It contains an almost endless vector sequence, which is REALLY boring..
Also, the text between the effects is rendered with 3Ds, and that is NOT good.

Dope - Complex

This is one of the most boring demos I know :-(
This demo is worth seeing only the first time.
Thats sad. And the fact that the demo only support GUS
is very negative.

Bomb - Impact Studios

This is another demo with nice 3D effects and not so much more.
Like most demos of it's type it contains impressive effects but
just aren't very fun to watch.

Panic - Future Crew

This is pure nostalgia, the first REAL demo by Future Crew.
It reminds me about the good-old Amiga demos, itīs fun watching!
The effects might not be very extreme today, but that doesnīt matter.

Stars - Wonders of the world - Nooon

This is a really interesting and positive contribution to the
demo-scene of today. The music is a bit unusual but very good and
the 3D-effects astonishing. A very good demo.

Solstice - Valhalla

The textured Phong shaded vectors are actually the best Iīve seen...
But thatīs about all. This is just another impressive 3D demo... :-(
It's sad.

Amiga Demos

Phenomena - 4
Spader Kung/rage - 4.5
Andromeda - 3.5
Spaceballs - 4
Celebrandil (Phenomena) - 4
..more to come...

As you may have noticed,
This page is under construction

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