It is true! Now you can relive all the wonderful memories from the long gone past with this Brand new C64-emulator!
Well now...It dosent actually work on all Macīs. Infact you need a PowerPc to run it. But If you are that stupid that you bye another Macintosh model then the PowerPc then suit your self.
I am sorry for that last comment.
Now lets skip all the boring instructions and go to the point (The Program). Itīs name is "Power64" and it is rather good. The instructions are simple to understand and tou can quickly start playing games!!!!
A good part is that you donīt need to install the games on your harddrive. If you have some old games on some old disks you can play the games directly from your disk!
But the best part is that the program isnīt as slow as many other emulators around. But like every other program "Power64" has itīs week points as well, the crashes.
I had severell program crashes using the program for about ten minutes. But donīt let this small bug irritrate you. Instead you should go and get your own copy of "Power64"

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