The Godsent drink!

Is it really possible to live without tea? Well, I dont think so...
TEA is a important part of the TD-culture. We donīt drink no shit like Coke! - TDTea keeps us awake in the cold mornings!

If you donīt like this fantasitic drink, just try more sugar...

Tea Testing:
Ahmad Tea: English tea No.1 This tea could be a hit, but the taste is to weak. No mather how long I dipped the tea in the water it tasted nothing. this is a mix of different teas lightly falvoured with Bergamot. I love the smell and the after taste is excelent, but itīs to weak also. make it stronger and it will be so much better.
Lapsang Souchong (Su tang) Black tea made of large leafs from Hunan and Fujian (China). A strong and tasty Tea that will surprise the unexperienced tea-drinker with its smoky flauvor.
Irish Dream Currently, this tea is Emil Segerås favourite! -'Black Tea with cacao and whisky', a very good and balanced tea.
Sun Tea - Coconut This tea is great! The flauvor is rich and a bit sweet. Well, it's no surprise it tastes coconut...
Sun Tea - Caramel The flavour is interesting...but the mixture Tea, Caramel doesn't work out very good, It tastes horrible really. Anyway, it smells good though...(in case you're the one of thoose 'tea-smellers')
Sun Tea - Tropical Fruit I was a bit dissapointed at first. But now, I find it quite good.
- The more you drink it, the more you'll love it.
The only negative I can say is that it tastes a little 'synthetic'

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